Imatra and especially the Ukonniemi area provide excellent opportunities for organising diverse sport training camps, competitions and tournaments. In the Ukonniemi area there can be found international level sports venues and wide range of accommodation options including spa resorts and holiday apartments with all necessary supplementary services. 
All these facilities are located within a walking distance from each other, which creates a sports academy like environment, though the location is only some kilometres away from the centre of Imatra.

All services for training camps, competitions or tournaments can be booked from single window through Imatra Base Camp. 


In Ukonniemi, Imatra, you can combine an active holiday, an efficient training camp and maximise the recovery in a relaxing spa.

The substantial number of cycling routes in the Imatra region, the scenery of Lake Saimaa and the excellent accommodation options enable high-quality training conditions for road, gravel, and mountain biking. Whether you are travelling alone, with a group of friends, with family or with a club, Imatra can offer everything you need!


Ukonniemi area in Imatra offers an international level setting for cross-country skiing training and competitions. The race ski tracks in Ukonniemi comply with the FIS standards. Ukonniemi area and its services provide a perfect setting for training camps and competitions. The earliest first snow ski track of Southern Finland is opened in October each year and offers the option to organise snow camps also in Southern Finland. During the snowfree-season skiers can enjoy the best roller skiing track in Finland, designed specifically for roller skiing and training of ski sports .  


The Ukonniemi stadium with its surrounding environment offers an excellent and world-class setting for training biathlon. A shooting range with 30 lanes is equipped with the latest target range technology. The Ukonniemi race tracks and the roller ski tracks were made to match the international standards for competing. The longest track made with the first snow of the season opens annually in October, offering a chance to hold skiing camps also in Southern Finland.

Figure skating

Imatra ice arena has acted as the training camp venue for various foreign and Finnish figure and synchronized skating clubs. The Imatra ice arena is famous for the high quality of its ice, and for being excellently suited for training camps.

Ice Hockey

The modern dual-rink Imatra OmaSp Arena is located in the Ukonniemi area (address: Ottelukatu 1, Imatra), which provides an excellent setting for training camps and tournaments. Imatra hosted the ice hockey U18 world championship games in 2014 and has also acted as the training camp venue for several KHL teams. The ice hockey arena is famous for the high quality of its ice, and for being excellently suited for training camps.



The Ukonniemi area in Imatra offers an excellent setting for football. You have access to an international level indoor sports hall Ukonniemi Arena, Ukonniemi artificial turf field, natural turf of the athletics stadium, and another smaller natural turf field, all within a walking distance from each other.  The area is suited for organising tournaments, camps, and other football-related events.


Finnish baseball

The Ukonniemi area offers the best setting in Finland for year-round baseball training. The Ukonniemi Stadium (completed in 2015), Ukonniemi Arena and other training facilities in the Ukonniemi area are located within a walking distance from each other, allowing you to concentrate on training and playing. 


Imatra offers diverse opportunities for athletics training throughout the year.  Sports services in the Ukonniemi area include the athletics stadium that was renovated during summer 2018 and the indoor athletics facilities of Ukonniemi Arena.  Also Imatra Sports Centre’s athletics facilities can be used for indoor training. Other training facilities in the Ukonniemi area e.g. a comprehensive sawdust hiking trail network in a varied terrain complete the experience by making Imatra an excellent choice for athletics camps.   

Tennis & Padel

In summer time several outdoor tennis courts and padel court  with Imatra Tennis Hall and Imatra Padel Hall enables tennis practice throughout the year.  Other training facilities of the Ukonniemi area are within a walking distance from the tennis and pade halls and ensure that you can concentrate on training and playing.   

Other indoor sports

Imatra Sports Centre and swimming pool offer diverse sporting opportunities.  The main hall of the Sports Centre is suited to e.g. basketball, volleyball, futsal, and floorball. Other premises include a wrestling and judo hall, a gymnastics hall, a 60 m running track, and a diverse gym. There is a ten-lane bowling alley Imatra Bowling Centre adjacent to the Sports Centre with a separate entrance. The Sports Centre also has a café-restaurant and various kinds of conference premises that are available for rent.

Testing services - Ukonniemi testing centre

The Ukonniemi testing center offers services to private individuals and groups. The testing services are intended for people exercising for fitness as well as top athletes of different sports.

The testing center services include versatile possibilities for determining health, body composition, muscle balance, respiratory and circulatory system health and the performance of the neuromuscular system. Nearly all available testing services can also be performed outside the center in a sport-specific environment.