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The Ukonniemi area in Imatra offers an excellent setting for football.
You have access to an international level indoor sports hall Ukonniemi Arena, Ukonniemi artificial turf field, natural turf of the athletics stadium, and another smaller natural turf field, all within a walking distance from each other. 
The area is suited for organising tournaments, camps, and other football-related events.


Training facilities

Football training camps and tournaments

Ukonniemi region provides versatile facilities that are suitable for different kind of football tournaments and camps.

Ukonniemi Arena - Football

The largest indoor sports hall provides a perfect setting for training regardless of the weather: 
A full-length football field with a high quality artificial turf (104 m x 67 m, Polytan Liga Turf RS+, with a 25 mm cushioning underneath and gravel and green BIONPRO natural rubber granules on top).
A five-lane running track and athletics field with a Polytan M (IAAF CLASS 1) surfacing.
In addition to dressing rooms, Ukonniemi Arena has conference and sauna facilities.

Karhumäki artificial turf field

A full-length (105 x 65m) artificial turf field was renowed 2019 and its surface meets FIFA 2 star Quality Concept.


Karhumäki sports field

A full-length natural turf field renovated in 2018 and an athletics stadium.

Karhumäki turf field

A natural turf field renovated in 2018 next to the athletics stadium

Supplemental training facilities for football players in Ukonniemi

-Gym of the Imatra Spa Arena.
-Indoor tennis courts of Imatra Tennis Hall.
-Extensive and hilly hiking trail network for running training (including a paved roller skiing track with a competition profile and also long outdoor stairs at the Imatra Spa Resort)
-Indoor ball game facility at the Imatran Kylpylä Spa Resort

Accommodation and catering

The Ukonniemi area has a wide range of accommodation to suit every need. The total of around 4,000 beds ensures that there is plenty of choice throughout the year, with some options being right next to training facilities.

Hotel Rento

Hotel Rento is the largest log building in Northern Europe. It offers comfortable accommodation in a total of 29 rooms. The hotel is located next to the ice rink in the heart of Ukonniemi and specialises in sports groups. For example the content and timing of meals can be tailored to the needs of each individual group.

Saimaa Life & Saimaa Light holiday apartments

Saimaa Life has six two-storey cabins that are made from ecological materials and have a total of 25 apartments of varying sizes. The apartments have a kitchen, a terrace or a spacious balcony, and an electric sauna. Saimaa Light Apartments are an excellent choice for sport groups.  Saimaa Life & Saimaa Light holiday apartments are located in the heart of Ukonniemi right next to the Imatra Spa Arena.


Imatra Spa Resort

Imatra Spa offers comfortable accommodation in a spa environment by the beautiful Lake Saimaa only 1.5 km from the sports facilities. The selection of the spa hotel ranges from economic Sport rooms to high quality holiday apartments. In addition to the pools, the spa has a gym, an indoor ball game facility, indoor sports facilities, and physiotherapist and massage services.


Holiday Club Saimaa

Holiday Club Saimaa boasts a magnificent location by Lake Saimaa only a 5 minute drive from the sports facilities in Ukonniemi. Whether you stay in the spa hotel or holiday apartments, you will be ideally located to enjoy the wide range of leisure time services found in the area. Holiday Club Saimaa has a gym, padel- and tennis courses and other sports facilities.

Hotel Rauhan Marina Village

Spacy holiday apartments with 2 bedrooms, living room and own well equipped kitchen. Sauna with large hall and kitchen on the ground floor.  Located nearby the Holiday Club Saimaa.  Good choice for sport camp groups.  

Ice rink restaurant – Café 57

Café 57 is located at the ice rink and serves customer during its opening hours. The restaurant provides team meals for camps, tournaments, and games subject to order. Also snacks, dressing room catering, and the like are available subject to order.

Additional services

We can also organise all support services for training camps, competitions, and events.

Ukonniemi testing center

The Ukonniemi testing center offers services to private individuals and groups. The testing services are intended for people exercising for fitness as well as top athletes of different sports.

The testing center services include versatile possibilities for determining health, body composition, muscle balance, respiratory and circulatory system health and the performance of the neuromuscular system. Nearly all available testing services can also be performed outside the center in a sport-specific environment.


Wattbike fitness bikes can be rented for training camps to be used in supplemental training and tests. Wattbikes are used by NHL and KHL in their official tests.

Bus transportation

Where required, we will organise transportation to and from Imatra as well as any on-site transportation needed.

Leisure time activities

The Ukonniemi area offers a wide range of leisure time activities. For example a cruise on a sauna raft, a visit to a rope adventure park, or tailored team building programme are excellent ways to enhance the team spirit. The area also includes a Frisbee golf and golf courses, tennis courts, and two bowling alleys for leisure time activities.


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Do you have questions or would you like to request a quote on a package tailored to your group?
Contact us - myynti@imatrabasecamp.fi / +358 20 617 7008

Imatra has great conditions for playing football!

Bodo Menze, Fc Schalke 04 e.V., Head of International Relations


Cross Border Cup

Cross Border Cup -turnaus kokoaa yhteen kymmeniä kotimaisia juniorijoukkueita ja satoja pelaajia heidän perheidensä kanssa jalkapallon pariin Imatran Ukonniemen moderneihin turnausolosuhteisiin. 

Elite Football Camp

Elite Football Camp -jalkapalloleiri nuorille jalkapalloilijoille on järjestetty Imatran Ukonniemen tekonurmella vuosittain  2016 alkaen. Leirin valmentajana toimi pohjois-irlantilainen UEFA A -lisensoitu valmentaja Tim Wareing.